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Year 2


This half term we are focusing on place value. We need to be able to count objects to 100 in words and represent these numbers in numerals.

We will also represent numbers to 100 using a range of concrete materials such as straws, counters and Base 10 equipment. We will learn how numbers are made up. For example, 45 as 4 tens and 2 ones or as 42 ones.

Please refer to whiterosemaths.com/homelearning and refer to the online videos on Number: Place Value if you would like more information.


In English, we will be focusing on key grammar skills needed for Year 2 such as adjectives, adverbs, contractions, commas. We will then use our new grammar skills in our next writing unit based on George and the dragon.


As a spectacular start to our new topic, the children received a visit from the Teach Rex team. They met Sol the dragon and created their own films using a green screen.  (Pictures attached to the email and more information on the Facebook post if you need it).


In our art lessons we will be exploring a range of drawing techniques such as shading, using different tones, patterns, and textures to add detail.


In our computing lessons we will be logging into our Purple Mash account to learn about algorithms, programming and debugging. We will be encouraged to talk about what is happening on the screen and to find solutions to fix problems.


In our geography lessons we will be learning about the local area. We will compare our local area to other areas and will explain what we like or dislike about where we live.


In our history lessons, we will explore how our local area was different in the past. We will also share examples of things that are different in our own lives that may be different to some else. E.g, grandparents.


In our music lessons we will learn how to sing and follow a melody, sing at a given pitch and to increase/decrease in tempo. We will also learn how to play simple rhythmic patterns which we will perform to others, keeping a steady beat.


In RSHE we will be encouraged to share some of our hopes and fears for the year. We will also discuss some of the rights and responsibilities we have as a member of the class and Rickley Park Primary School.


In science we are learning all about animals and humans. We will find out what we need to survive and the different stages of life cycles. We will also discuss why it is important to have regular exercise, a balanced diet and to take care of our hygiene.