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Vision and Values

Aims and Ethos

  • To help each child to feel happy, safe and secure in the school within a nurturing environment.
  • To encourage children/staff, to celebrate their uniqueness and develop respect for each other.
  • To enable each child to develop skills for life so they become increasingly independent personally, socially and in their learning.
  • To help children to develop a social responsibility within the community, as they increase their understanding of the world we live in, so that in future, they will be active, responsible citizens.
  • To help children recognise their achievements, and to have high aspirations for the future.

Behaviour Principles

  • At Rickley Park, we recognise that behaviour is communication.  This applies to all forms of behaviour, not just that we find most challenging.
  • The emphasis is on belonging and social responsibility.
  • An appropriate curriculum and effective teaching engages learners and encourages positive behaviour.
  • An environment of high challenge and low stress is most conducive to learning and positive behaviour.
  • Children need access to role models who are aware of and manage their own emotional responses appropriately.
  • Humiliation and shame are never appropriate responses to challenging behaviour.
  • An emphasis is placed on the use of positive strategies to increase desirable behaviours.
  • Children's behaviour is underpinned by the stage they have reached in their social and emotional development – we must recognise this and respond appropriately
  • Some emotions can block learning, while others promote learning. So learning to recognise and manage emotions can assist learning and help to improve standards
  • Responses to behaviour are rooted in our ethos of nurture and compassion alongside high expectations of each child as an individual
  • Improvement in a child's behaviour is significantly better when working in partnership with parents and carers. Positive messages home can make a difference if parents are also involved in the reinforcement process.

Our Values

Our school values were selected by the pupils through pupil voice discussions.

The values are:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Trust
  • Support
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty

These values are displayed in every classroom.  They must be referred to during lessons to provide context. Children are recognised for demonstrating these values.

It is with this values that we operate as the Rickley Park community.  Adults must uphold and demonstrate these values in all that they do.