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Internet Safety

Each year, we run a parents internet safety evening. Everyone, including staff, learn even more about the dangers of sharing online.

In addition to this, we are fortunate to have a great working relationship with Bletchley Park and our children visit regularly for safer internet sessions and code breaking opportunities.

We expect all pupils to be safe and responsible when using ICT so that they can have full benefit from the many opportunities the technology offers. In the Foundation stages and at KS1, your child will always be closely supervised when using the Internet and other communications technologies, but as they get older they will be given increasing independence. Your child will also receive advice and have lessons about how to keep themselves safe, but we will also expect a commitment from all pupils to show personal responsibility for their online behaviour.

Your child will be able to use the internet and email systems at school to access resources they need for learning and to communicate with others within and outside the school community. When using communication tools they will be acting as an ambassador for Rickley Park Primary School and it is important that high standards are maintained. Any messages that your child sends must not contain material that could cause offence to any person in this country or in the country to which they are sending it. When using the internet your child must not visit, or attempt to visit, any site that could be considered offensive. As a simple guide, when pupils use the internet or send messages, they should ask themselves would they be embarrassed or cause offence if their teacher or parent was looking at what they were doing. If it would, they should stop.

We encourage all pupils to tell their class teacher or another responsible adult immediately if they receive an offensive message so that appropriate action can be taken. They should not delete such messages. Equally, if they accidentally come across offensive material on the Internet they should report it so that the site can be blocked and so that we know they did not visit it on purpose. We carefully filter the sites that pupils can visit but it is not possible to guarantee that all offensive sites are blocked.

We closely monitor both email and Internet access and will take action if any pupil has broken the rules. This could include withdrawing access to the school network, the Internet and email, or further consequences in extreme cases.