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Rickley Park Primary School
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Milton Keynes

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Nursery Curriculum

Autumn Term Learning

Nursery - Caron, Vicky, Vibha & Lisa

Our focus for this term is mainly getting the children settled and happily engaged in our environment.

We will do a topic of My Family, My Community and Me where we will use mirrors to look at ourselves, compare our heights, discuss healthy foods and drinks and get to know each other better. We will hopefully have some community visitors such as the police, a doctor or any of our Rickley parent or carers who could talk about their job or role in the community. Our role-play provision will change to reflect a doctor or maybe a vet practice.

Our phonics focus will be to develop the awareness of environmental sounds as early phonic awareness. We will be listening and remembering sounds and talking about sounds. We will be completing activities such as going for sound walks around the school , listening to Phonic sound CD to see which sounds we recognise and playing musical instruments., listening to Phonic sound CD to see which sounds we recognise and playing musical instruments.

Our mathematical focus will be introducing subitising: learning to look and notice, to learn to subitise starting with 3 and building up to 4 and 5. Subitising is looking at how many items there are and saying the number name without counting. We use the phrase “using our math looking brain.” We will also be introducing Time through our daily routines by looking at the days of the week, discussing the month and whose birthday is in that month and season all in an age-appropriate way.