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Nursery Curriculum

At Nursery over the coming half term our focus will be on People Who Help Us as a mini topic.  We are hoping to get a visit from the Police and Fire brigade.

We will also focus on the season of Winter. We have already had some interesting ice play in our Tuff trays. We hope to see a small amount of snow so we can make a snowman.

Both focuses we will treat as holistic looking at relevant mathematical ideas , doing a Big Art work together , introducing regular stories to tie in with the theme , making the use of the outdoor environment , plenty of hands on art work  using different mediums.

Our phonics focus will be Aspect 3: Tuning into Sounds

The main purposes are:

1.To develop awareness of sounds and rhythms

  1. To distinguish between sounds and to remember patterns of sound
  2. To talk about sounds we make with our bodies and what the sounds mean

Our math focus is subitising up to 5 supported by 5 frames. We will also introduce pictures of objects and introduce the language of noticing. As an example  : How many?  What colour? What size?

We will revisit patterns and shapes in our math area within Nursery.

Finally we will hope to introduce the language of weight and length through activities such as making their own playdough, building towers and watching our bulbs grow in the garden as we approach February.

Please continue to refer to the Goggle Classroom for notifications and support with the children’s learning.