maths 2

Year 4

The Year 4 team would like to say a big warm welcome to all pupils and their families! We have had such a positive start to the academic year, getting to know your children and learning all about their hobbies, interest and how they like to learn.

The Year 4 team have been busy planning an engaging and exciting topic for Autumn Term. The topic, titled AMASIA, will kick off with a 'virtual world trip' in the school's immersion room.  We will then continue to explore the idea of 'Amasia' by developing thematic maps to identify the physical features of Earth. In Science we will continue to create a better understanding of the world and it's living things by exploring animal habitats. This lesson will be supported by an exciting visit from Ark Farm- who will bring some animals to school!

Our creative approach to learning this year will continue into our core subjects where we will experience a re-creation of a storm to familiarise ourselves with a first text Kensuke's Kingdom- a story based on a little boy who becomes shipwrecked on desert island. Our first English unit will complement these Reading lessons by continuing the theme of going on Journey into the unknown. The children will be encouraged to use their sentence stacking skills to create a narrative of a magical journey all of their own. Finally, in Maths the children will start their Year 4 learning by building up the foundations of all their future lessons with place value. These lessons a designed to teach the children how to really understand the value of each number and how they change when they are used in different calculations.

We as a team are invested in providing your children with the long-awaited, hands-on learning in which they totally deserve after having such a remote education. We would really appreciate your support and welcome any ideas or expertise from yourselves.