maths 2

Year 4

This half term year 4 are continuing their study of the Romans through the topic "Epic Empires".

In English we are focussing our writing on chocolate with a narrative based on "The Great Chocoplot" followed by a non-chronological report about growing a secret chocolate tree. Our reading lessons will link first to this by analysing "The Great Chocoplot" then ending the half term focussing again on the Romans and Pompeii.

In Maths we are working on area, multiplication and division and finally revisiting our learning on addition and subtraction.

Our science topic is "Animals Including Humans" where we will be exploring the digestive system and human teeth. We will deepen our learning through creating our own digestive system and bringing in our toothbrushes to clean away our plaque! Our topic will finalise with an epic end of a Roman day where everyone is invited to dress up as Romans and take part in a Roman "battle".