Year 1

Year One will build on their phonics knowledge to help them write independently. We will be working to secure letter formation and will be rehearsing sentences orally before writing them. The children will be reminded to start each sentence with a capital letter and end a sentence with a full stop.

In science we will be naming the four seasons and noticing what we notice in Autumn.  We will also be learning about different animals, their body parts, their environment and if they are carnivores, herbivores and/or omnivores.

In history we will be learning about people who have helped us from the past such as, Florence Nightingale.  We will also be finding out about who the Queen is and identifying old and new objects.

In our RSHE lessons, we will be learning about our rights and responsibilities to ourselves and others within our classroom and our whole school.  Making the right choices. Identifying similarities between myself and others.  How to make new friends, being kind and caring and understanding who to talk to.

Finally, in computing we will be learning how ICT helps us to communicate with others.