This half term in Early Years, we will continue to explore the children’s personal hobbies and interests. In both Nursery and Reception we are finding out about the role of the local people who help us - if there are any parents or family members with jobs such as: doctors, post workers, dentists, vet nurse, etc who would be willing to come in and talk to the children, we would love to invite you in to support our learning.

We will be exploring the effects and wonders of Winter, as well as exploring a variety of cold places and the inhabitants who live there. We will also be exploring a new topic, looking at different modes of transport and a range of local and global explorations and journeys.

In Phonics and English we will move on to use the phonetic sounds learnt (please continue to consolidate any that the children are unsure of in little green books) in blending and segmenting, to then be able to read and write simple words, phrases and sentences! The children will also learn ‘red words’ which are those that cannot be phonetically sounded out, such as: I, my, put, the, of, no, to. Please continue to read daily with your child (Sound Blending or RWI Story book) as well as discussing what they have learnt during the school day.

In Maths, we will compare numbers, as well as exploring the compositions of numbers through lots of interactive, fun lessons and play. We will also introduce the concept of 0 and explore mass and capacity through exciting play-based activities.

We continue to have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (indoors and out) and Forest School every Wednesday afternoon. We look forward to a fun half term!

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