Year 3

Maths: In Spring 1, year 3 will be continuing to build on their multiplication and division knowledge. The children will begin to learn their 8 times tables and will be encouraged to keep practicing through TTRockstars. Towards the end of the unit, the children will be learning to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers with and without exchange before ending the unit with dividing with remainders.

English: Our fiction writing this term will be based on the narrative 'A star in a jar'. The children will carry on using skills such as inverted commas, conjunctions and fronted adverbials to build their own narrative. The other half of this term, we will also create a non-fiction text based on a persuasive advert. This will be a new text type for the children. We will learn the purpose of persuasive writing as well as learning about the key features.

Topic: Our topic this half term is 'H2Woah!'. A lot of our topic learning will be linked to all things water! In Geography this half term, the children will be learning about rivers and seas. The children will be able to identify key features of rivers, name and locate key rivers in the UK, explain the water cycle and finally be able to name and locate seas surrounding the UK. The children will be using maps in class to be able to locate various rivers around the UK. Within Science, our unit is 'plants'. We will explore what plants need in order to grow before planting our own seeds and setting up an investigation to see which seeds grow better in certain environments. The children will also learn about pollination and fertilization.